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    US Facilities are managed by our Partners

    Existing Provider Network

    For information about our existing provider network, please access details here:

    However, if you have recently received a new GeoBlue customer identification card, please see the next section. Access to providers and treatment is subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, so if you are unsure which network you can access please contact us via the number on your insurance card.


    Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard® Network

    If you have received a new GeoBlue customer insurance card, you now have access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard®network. You can access full details of providers via

    Bupa Global now has a strategic partnership with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (Blue Cross Blue Shield) which enables Bupa Global customers to access the Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard®network, the largest healthcare provider network in the United States.  This U.S. network will be available to Bupa Global customers from  January 1, 2015, based on your renewal date. You may begin using this network once you receive your new GeoBlue customer insurance card at the time of your 2015 membership renewal.

    Access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard®network is supported by GeoBlue, which is 49% owned by Bupa and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. GeoBlue provides an array of tools and services for coverage in the United States (U.S.), including processing customers’ medical claims and providing customer support.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield GeoBlue card holders also have access to Bupa Global’s U.S. discount pharmacy programme in connection Universal Rx please see for full details

    Remember, all treatment in the USA must be pre-authorised and access to this network is subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Please check the conditions of your policy by logging into your online area (HYPERLINK TO LOGIN AREA) or call your customer service centre using the contact number provided on your insurance card.  


    If you have had a treatment in the USA and have paid the provider, you should submit your claim online via your online area (hyperlink out to relevant members areas) or through your customer service representative

    (footnote: Universal Rx is an independent company, separate from GeoBlue and Bupa.)


Bupa Preferred Provider

A Bupa Preferred Provider is any provider of healthcare services which has satisfied the requirements of the Bupa Global Hospital Quality Programme as well as signed our standard provider agreement.  The provider will accept direct settlement of bills for eligible treatment from Bupa Global for in-patient and in many cases also for out-patient services.  Customers will only need to pay any deductible or co-insurance included on their policy, or for any incidentals not covered under their policy.

Our standard provider agreement requires hospitals to comply with the World Health Organisation safe surgery checklist and guidelines on hand hygiene, as well as to report core quality indicators such as clinical complaints and incidents. 

All of the providers listed in our Facilities Finder have agreed to work with Bupa Global, and will accept direct settlement of in-patient bills, and in many cases also for out-patient services.   

The Bupa Global Hospital Quality Programme-Quality Assessed

The Bupa Global Hospital Quality Programme has been developed together with Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the world’s leading bodies for international healthcare accreditation.

The Bupa Global Hospital Quality Programme operates a review of clinical services provided by a hospital as well as areas such as patient safety, clinical governance and risk systems, infection control, medication management, leadership and staff to confirm that they meet international standards.  

Quality Assessed

We want our customers to have the best possible experience when accessing hospital care. That’s why we have designed a system of assessing the key hospitals and clinics where our customers access care worldwide. The Bupa Global Hospital Quality Programme evaluates medical facilities based on a number of defined criteria. Want to find out more about the programme?